The Neil Consultancy


• Chas Bishop – Chief Executive Officer, National Space Centre, Leicester

“I am delighted with the way in which (Clare’s) coaching programme has helped to develop key individuals within the senior management team, not only as a direct result of the sessions themselves, but also in my ongoing relationship with people whose awareness of their role and their contribution to the business is so much stronger. Many thanks too for helping with my own development.”

• Ian Taylor - Technical Executive, Northern Foods

"Clare Neal provides that independent, straight forward help and advice we all need at some time in our careers. Being skilfully guided through the process of thinking about what you have been doing and what YOU really want to do next is Clare's great talent. Clare has helped me and numerous colleagues of mine to make the process of taking some very difficult decisions so much easier, restoring self-confidence and self-belief along the way ....a truly caring and professional coach"

• The senior managers of a global software development company following the delivery of a leadership development programme:

“Clare is very good indeed. She encouraged us to use our individual
experiences as a way of learning, but managed to bring everything back to the subject matter. She added value in every discussion”.

”I commend our facilitator Clare and the superb job she did, provoking the thought processes and giving us the 'magic wand' to help us see that there are more things in our control than we admit to.”

”Clare did a great job. She was good at both encouraging the conversation and then bringing us soundly back to the task in hand!”